New York City is one of the progressive capitals of America. It is a city that values and provides opportunity to those with immense talent and big ideas.  In politics, however, brilliant, young, effective leaders face barriers to becoming public servants because they did not follow traditional political channels. CausePAC exists to provide support to candidates who, as elected officials, will represent the interests of  Millennials and ensure that New York City is a place where the progressive entrepreneurial spirit of our generation will thrive for years to come.


CausePAC is an independent expenditure only committee with the mission of fostering a new generation of young, progressive leadership for the New York City area and for America. CausePAC does not coordinate with candidates, but does support candidacies through significant and targeted independent expenditures.

CausePAC In 2013

The 2013 elections in New York City will change the political leadership of our city from the City Council to the Mayor. We believe that voters are prepared to elect smart, young, pragmatic progressive leaders. Term limits on the New York City Council have caused a disproportionate number of highly competitive races on the ballot this year. CausePAC will interview and endorse candidates who embrace the vision of the organization.   To the extent it is necessary to achieve victory, CausePAC will conduct significant independent expenditure campaigns to support endorsed candidates.